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Road Warrior

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Out on a walk, around Surfers paradise and I met this guy and his tricked up Campervan.

Been on the road for seven years. Spends summer in Tassie and winter in Queensland.

Sorry I didn’t get his name, or have my handy Zoom H6 to get his story down on tape.

Didn’t even ask him how he stays in digital touch with the rest of the world. If he does at all.

He’s living the dream.

Fast, faster, fastest food.

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?Imagine being able to rock up to your local Macca’s and your order is paid and there already waiting for you.

Not only is it ready, it’s only just been prepared and not sweating too long under the lamps. You grab your brown paper bag of goodness, and you are on your way, all with little time and wait and with hardly any human contact.

Welcome to the future of fast food. A future that is already here.

This is the somewhat delicious proposition facing residents of Washington and California, as McDonald’s begins testing its mobile ordering via an iOS device.

At nearly 30 locations in California and over 50 stores in Washington you are now able to create your order using your iPhone, and have it ready to pick up when you arrive.??The app uses location tracking to make sure your order is given to the right store, and that it is ready as close to arrival time as possible.

Once the pilot study is over, it is expected the chain will roll out the service to other countries, including Australia, by the end of the year.


As well as making it easier for consumers to make a purchase, the new technology should also provide a cut in transaction times, reduced errors and the freeing up of staff, so they can focus on other duties.

According to McDonald’s executive vice president of Operations Digital and Technology, Jim Sappington:

“Our focus is to make the overall experience clearly better.”

For consumers, it’s all about using technology to put them at the centre of the user experience, which starts the moment they pick up the phone and place their order.